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Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow these steps to check into Wynn or Encore Las Vegas, using the Wynn Resorts App.

  1. On the day of check in, sign into your Wynn Rewards account. If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one.
  2. Make a reservation or enter your confirmation number to populate a pre-existing reservation.
  3. Click on the “Check In” button shown on the welcome screen.
  4. Your room may not be ready if you attempt to check in prior to 3 p.m. the day of your stay, but you can click the “Check In Anyway” button to proceed with the check in process.
  5. The next step is to match your identity to your room reservation for security purposes. To verify your identity, follow the prompts to upload a photo of a valid Driver’s License, Passport or Passport Card, or proceed by clicking on “Verify with to Complete the Process.”
  6. Click “Continue Check In” to show your profile. Validate your profile information or make edits as needed.
  7. Click “Continue to Registration Card” and you will be shown the registration card agreement.
  8. Click “Agree and Continue.”
  9. From there, review the payment summary and click “Continue to Payment Method.” Enter payment information to receive a message indicating payment was successful.
  10. Click “Continue” and your room request will be sent to the Front Desk for room assignment.
  11. While your room is assigned, you will receive a message that your room is being prepared.
  12. You will receive a text message when “Your Room is Ready.”

After checking in, you may also receive a Digital Key for your room if preferable over a physical room key card. Digital Key provides access that you would normally get using a physical key, including for accommodations, pool, spa and more via your mobile device.

Please follow these steps to receive a Digital Key for your Wynn or Encore Las Vegas accommodations. Note: You must already have completed the check-in process.

  1. Upon notification in the Wynn Resorts app that “Your Room is Ready,” a picture of your digital room key will appear with the request to enable your Digital Key.
  2. Enable the Digital Key by sliding the toggle on your screen to the “ON” position.
  3. Click on the Digital Key itself, or the floating key icon, to “Activate Your Digital Key.”
  4. Follow the message to “Place Near Key Reader.” Place your mobile device close to the door lock that contains the key reader. The key reader Bluetooth connects to your mobile device.
    • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.
    • For security purposes, your Digital Key is active for 10 seconds.
    • To reactivate the Digital Key tab, click the key icon again.
  5. Once the door unlocks, you will receive a message “Your Digital Key has unlocked your door, please enjoy your stay.”
  6. Remember, you may always request a physical key at the Front Desk, if preferred.

Digital Key opens doors and grants access to locations you would normally enter using a physical key, including:

  • Hotel Room
  • Resort-Wide Security Podiums (as required)
  • Swimming Pool Areas
  • Spa
  • Fitness Centers

After you check in on your mobile device, you may use Digital Key during the length of your stay and up until the time of check out. At any time during your visit, the Front Desk can issue a physical key if preferred.

To find an existing reservation on the Wynn Resorts app, click “Find My Reservation” on the home screen. Enter your confirmation number or dates of stay. 

To complete your Digital Check In process, we will match your entered information against existing records. Alternatively, you may opt to utilize will verify your identity by requesting an upload of either a Driver’s License, Passport or Passport Card. Once you complete that process, will ask for authorization to share the information with Wynn Resorts. Once we receive your information, the resort will match your reservation to the profile provided and complete your check in process.

Learn more about why organizations trust at is a trusted and secure platform for verifying identities online, utilizing multiple levels of advanced encryption to protect personal information. is used by the U.S. military and governmental agencies. Your personal information will never be used to send marketing notifications without your consent.

Learn more about why organizations trust at

Even if you have received a Digital Key for your hotel room, you can always visit the Front Desk or a kiosk to be issued a physical room key card.

You need a Wynn Rewards account to access Digital Check In and Digital Key. Upon downloading the Wynn Resort App, you are asked to log in as an existing user or sign up for Wynn Rewards.

The primary guest on a reservation can share their Digital Key via their mobile app with one (1) other guest on the day of check in. Only the primary guest on a reservation can send a room share invitation.

The shared guest must be 21 years or older and have a Wynn Rewards account. If your guest is under 21 years old, they may use a physical room key card issued by the Front Desk. Charges incurred on the room by a shared guest are the primary guest's responsibility.

To share a Digital Key on the day of check in, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Digital Key” and enable by sliding the toggle button to “ON.”
  2. If you added a guest to your reservation at the Front Desk, their names will appear automatically. Select the existing guest with whom you want to share your Digital Key. If your guest is not listed, click “+ ADD GUEST.”
  3. Enter the guest’s first name, last name and phone number, and select “Send.”
  4. Your guest will receive the following SMS message: “A guest wants to share a digital room key with you in the Wynn Resorts App, complete the steps here to download your Digital Key.”
  5. Once in the Wynn Resorts app, the guest will receive a link to activate their Digital Key. For guest safety, the link is active 4 hours from the time shared or midnight that night. The link can be resent if your guest is not able to activate the link within the required time limits.

To share a Digital Key after the day of check in, please follow these steps:

  1. Request the Front Desk add a guest to your reservation. Note: Limit of one Digital Key can be shared with a guest, per room.
  2. Your newly-added guest will now appear on your Digital Key screen.
  3. Click on “Share Digital Key” and your confirmation appears. Click “Copy” and enter your confirmation number.
  4. The guest will need to enter the confirmation number in the “Find My Reservation” feature in the Wynn Resorts Mobile app.
  5. The guest will be prompted to verify their identity.
  6. Upon a successful identity check, the guest will receive a Digital Key.

Enable your key from a new device by signing into your Wynn Rewards account and activating your Digital Key from that new device. Digital Key offers superior security and safety, as only the user of the mobile phone is allowed entry.

Check in for Wynn and Encore Las Vegas is 3 p.m. Check out is at 12 p.m. Request an early check in and late check out by contacting the Front Desk or via the in-room iPad.

If you are granted a late check out, please visit the Front Desk to be issued a physical key — as the Digital Key may no longer work past the traditional check out time of 12 p.m.

To check out in the Wynn Resorts app, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Check Out.”
  2. You are provided a check out summary showing billing details and itemized charges.
  3. Confirm the email on file, in order to receive a billing details report.
  4. From there, click “Check Out.”
  5. Confirm check out.
  6. You are then shown a thank you message confirming your check out request is complete.

If there are any issues with your billing details, please visit the Front Desk.

Any Digital Keys shared with a travel companion remain active until the primary guest is checked out.

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