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The Buffet Dinner + Awakening Show

Dinner and a Show

Receive a complimentary dining experience from The Buffet at Wynn with the purchase of Diamond-level seating for Awakening. Indulge your tastebuds and pique your senses with this special offer that combines a gourmet all-you-can-eat feast with premium seating for this dazzling stage spectacle. Call 702-770-7469 to book.

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"The show is set up to blow your mind. Mission accomplished."

- Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Characters

Amid Awakening’s diverse cast of dynamic characters, the heroine known as IO must face a challenge like no other: to brave the forces of Light and Darkness in her quest to reunite them and save the world. Yet this powerful storyline is also punctuated by moments of comedy, courtesy of Boo and Bandit, a duo who lend their support to IO through friendship and humor. This trio is also surrounded by a wealth of singular talents and personalities — human and otherwise.

The Magic of Puppets

Michael Curry’s award-winning work on The Lion King on Broadway forever elevated the art of puppetry, and he raises the bar yet again with Awakening.

The fantastical creatures Curry has conceptualized spring to life all around you in the 360-degree Awakening Theater, enchanting audiences with their heroic scale and incredible movement. Imbuing every moment of this spectacle with magic and mystery, Curry’s astonishing puppets have been integral to Awakening’s status as the must-see experience in today’s American theater.

…"modern-day myth, fantastical creatures and theatrical choreography match the grandiose and cutting-edge nature of the technology"

- Vegas Magazine

about the producers Meet the Creative Team of Awakening

An exceptional team of creative talent has pushed every boundary to craft a production unlike any other in the world.

Starting with the visionary minds of Bernie Yuman, Baz Halpin and Michael Curry, Awakening excels with its dazzling combination of dramatic choreography, state-of-the-art technology, fantastic creatures, and a custom sound system designed to showcase its breathtaking original musical score.

From Bernie Yuman’s stellar career of creating Las Vegas spectacles to Baz Halpin’s talent for producing many of today’s most sought-after musical tours and Michael Curry’s award-winning artistry, the talent at the heart of Awakening has elevated the concept of the Las Vegas spectacle to create the most compelling show you’ll see on any stage.

Awakening Producers

Discover the Unique Details of Producing Awakening

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