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Watch: Check in at Wynn with Gryffin

Growing up in Los Altos, California music was a big part of Gryffin’s life as he was classically trained in piano and guitar. When he went to college at University of Southern California, he fell in love with dance music and became a “dorm room” producer. 

Gryffin now incorporates live instrumentation into some of his sets at XS Nightclub. Photo by Danny Mahoney

“It blew my mind. I heard Avicii, Skrillex and deadmau5 for the first time and I didn't even know music could sound like this …  ‘I have to learn how to do this’ and then it grew to the point where when I was graduating, I thought I could actually pay my bills and do this as a career,” Gryffin tells Lee in this episode of Check In.

The risk paid off, and over the last decade, Gryffin has become one of the industry’s top artists.

Unafraid to be experimental, in November 2022, Gryffin released Alive and now incorporates live instrumentation into some of his sets at XS Nightclub, where fans can see him shred like a rockstar on his guitar. 

“I don't want to just come out and DJ. I'm writing on the piano and guitar and I want to give fans the electronic dance music experience but add a new wrinkle and more depth. Having brought that to Vegas for the first time a couple months ago was a fun and cool thing,” he says.

Gryffin and Valerie Lee at Intrigue in Wynn Las Vegas. Photo by Danny Mahoney

Renewed and inspired, new music is always happening.

“I'm working [on music] that pushes me as an artist … it’s the danciest music I've ever put out,” he says. “It’s not just music I think fans will like, it makes me happy and excited again, like when I first started producing back in the dorm room days. I'm very inspired.”