Icons of fashion and automotive pair up to create the ultimate in drivable art.

By Mike Espind for Wynn Magazine

DEBUTING AT THE ANNUAL MONTEREY CAR WEEK FESTIVITIES IN CALIFORNIA LAST SUMMER, the very special Bijan edition of Aston Martin’s DBS Superleggera sports car is as impressive a mobile commission as you might expect from the two companies. The House of Bijan was ahead of the game on appointment-only bespoke tailoring, expanding into fine accessories, fragrance, and other luxury goods in two Beverley Hills locations and Wynn Las Vegas. Now fans can order one for themselves.

We caught up with Bijan co-owner Nicolas Bijan to learn the details. Make it your secret mission to see the unmatched ubercar when it comes to Wynn Las Vegas this summer.

(Originally published in 2019)

So, I imagine you are something of a James Bond fan…?
Bond was a father-and-son tradition in our home. We would watch those movies and literally ‘bond’ over them. My father was an Aston Martin owner as well. He had a beautiful red one.

What prompted this collaboration between Aston Martin and Bijan?
Aspects like quality, exclusivity, design, and attention to detail are shared by both companies. But it goes beyond that: Bijan and Aston Martin find themselves in a similar place in terms of our clients. We are both seeing renewed interest from younger luxury customers, typically in their 30s and 40s.

You are one of the few lucky to have gone through Aston Martin’s bespoke car design program. What was your experience working with ‘Q Branch’?
It was a two-year process , and I think only Aston Martin could have accomplished the feat, but it felt easy on my end. Aston Martin Chief Creation Officer Marek Reichman was deeply involved, which was a great benefit. Aston Martin is not a huge conglomerate, so they were as excited as we were to work together. They share the same attitude when it comes to clients requesting special treatment: The answer is always ‘yes,’ and then they figure out how to deliver it.

What was the highlight of the process for you?
When I went to the factory in Gaydon, England , and watched the car come off the assembly line, it was a proud moment. They asked me to come over and place the iconic Aston Martin wings badge on the bonnet of the car myself. I was very nervous, but it really capped off the whole experience.

What are your favorite points of customization?
Aston Martin is the master of engineering; we would never mess with the engine and track performance of a Superleggera. Of course, the most noticeable custom touch is in the signature Bijan yellow exterior. That color is brought into the Bijan alligator leather-lined interior, and exterior flourishes like the carbon-fiber gills. But my favorite design details aren’t so obvious. We requested a very subtle Bijan paisley design to be ghosted across the bonnet. The ‘Bijan’ signature is also subtly worked in throughout. I love these hard-to-spot, insider design details.


What are the plans for this car? Are you keeping it?
Technically this car is ‘one-of-one,’ but it is for sale. We unveiled it during Monterey Car Week, and before it goes to Las Vegas, it will be parked out in front of our Beverly Hills store. I think it is the most Instagrammed car in California, if not the world. There are additional bespoke Bijan autos in the works with Aston Martin, but the only rule is that each one must be ‘one-of-one’ and unique. Our partnership with Aston Martin is unlimited; our customers can work with us to create and craft their own Aston Martin dreams.

So, the big question: How does it drive?
This car is a double agent. Imagine the most comfortable, luxurious gentleman’s car possible, and with a flick of the drive mode selector and punch of the toe, it instantly becomes a roaring, spitting, aggressive hellcat. It is drivable art that represents the pinnacle of luxury and performance.